Nancy Halligan started singing at a very young age doing her first paid gig at age 7! Her love for music stemmed from her parents who were both music teachers at local schools in the Churchville, NY area. After high school, she moved to the business side of music and managed a few bands, did some booking and promoting and stayed behind the scenes.

The Windshield BugsSteel Kingdom

In 2011, her main squeeze convinced her to come back to the front of the stage and start singing again. They formed a band with some friends and performed at a benefit show for a friend. The reaction was great and people asked when they would play again and so they stayed together and continued doing shows. That band is The Windshield Bugs out of Rochester, NY. She also later went on to sing with Steel Kingdom and May Contain Nutz.

For the last few years, Nancy has been sharing her knowledge over at Rockbition.com about promoting online. She recently revived her podcast, Screw The Record Label, to help even more musicians during the pandemic. She currently lives outside of Buffalo, NY with her fiancee, Jeff. She loves playing with her dog, going for walks and riding her Peloton.

Nancy wants to show musicians that they no longer need a record label to be successful in the music business. She knows that when you create a community with your fans they will support you. There’s no reason to have a record label taking your hard earned money when you can earn it yourself and create a lasting, successful music career that supports you!

Screw The Record Label

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